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About Us




What is Goober?

It all started at West Lebanon Feed & Supply...the Goober vision began in 2016, as retail customers shared their displeasure with being increasingly torn between a desire to support local, independent businesses while facing the real constraints of their busy lives, often pushing them to shop online. The burning question about the future of brick-and-mortar became clear: how can small, independent retailers truly compete with the on-demand, 24/7 convenience of the giant e-commerce platforms?

Out of these concerns over the future of our beloved main streets, the next BIG IDEA was born: GooberPick... Fast. Convenient. 100% Local.

The Goober Vision is that more and more small and independent businesses will gain an edge and keep their local communities strong & vibrant with Goober.

What We Do

GooberPick is an exciting and innovative service that integrates the incredible service and experience provided by our beloved local stores with a unique order-online, fast-pod-delivery option. This incredible new movement gives shoppers round-the-clock access to their favorite local “mom & pop” businesses, while still having close-to-home convenience through our proprietary GooberPod satellite pop-up locations. In a nutshell, the GooberPick experience seamlessly provides access to shopping at the stores you love, with the convenience of online buying and fast, convenient delivery.

And GooberPick isn’t just about shopping. It’s about an important movement to sustain our local businesses and empower them to provide the service and convenience you need. We choose our partnerships carefully, and we are committed to ensuring that our wonderful main street businesses continue to thrive in this changing modern landscape.

Supporting Your Local Community

The Goober "idea" was driven by acknowledgement that small and independent local businesses are the fabric of our communities. Without continued support for our main streets, we diminish the economic activities that generate much-needed resources to support local arts programs, parks and recreation departments, regional development goals, and everything that makes a community unique and special.

With this purpose in mind, part of the Goober Vision is that every GooberPick transaction conducted with your favorite local businesses will also provide an opportunity to give back in support of a wonderful (local) community non-profit. Our goal is to see that each Goober merchant become partnered with a special cause that is near-and-dear to them and, with your help, the impact on the local level can be greater than ever. It's never a requirement for shopping at any Goober store, but you are invited to join the partnership for good in your own local community.

To learn more about the giving opportunities available in your town, please contact your local Goober merchant directly for details. Goober is all about local supporting local without compromise. Giving back is essential to the core of our communities.


Why Choose Goober?


  24/7 Online Order Access



With GooberPick, you have 24/7 access and all the convenience of online shopping through our easy-to-use GooberPick portal. Simply enter your location and choose from the available merchants in your area to begin the GooberPick shopping experience. Choose the most convenient drop-off point and your products will be on their way, delivered in about 12-hours or less (in most cases). The GooberPick model let's us 'meet you on the way' to ensure you have all the same convenience of online shopping while still supporting your local, independent businesses. It's truly a win-win!

  Keeping Business Local




The concerning reality is that when we spend hard-earned dollars outside our communities, it limits the resources that are put back into local programs and features that make our hometowns special. Shopping with GooberPick at your favorite local merchant helps to ensure that no customer has to choose between supporting the "little guy" and the modern conveniences that allow for more time spent not shopping (hello!) With GooberPick, the best of both is now truly within reach.

  Safe. Secure. Supported.




Because your GooberPick experience begins with your trusted local businesses, you can be assured that there is support on the ground to assist you with your experience. And with GooberPick's state-of-the-art ordering platform and product delivery system, you can expect fast fulfillment and excellent customer support each and every time. Finally your favorite 'mom & pop' shop have the cutting edge convenience to compete with the digital world and meet you on the way!